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Virus & Spyware Removal

Is your computer slowing down? Are you seeing pop-ups randomly appear while on the internet?

Virus and spyware account for a very large amount of computer related issues. If your computer is connected to the internet you may be exposed to one or both of these nuisances. Five Digits utilizes software that is safe for your computer and removes all traces of the rogue program. In most cases we can save all of your valuable data without having to start from scratch.

Virus Removal

  • Virus removal
  • Email protection
  • Real-time detection & removal

Spyware Removal

  • Remove pop-ups and spyware
  • Speed up your computer
  • Remove security risks

Wireless Networking

  • Secure your wireless network
  • Protect your information

Hardware Upgrade

  • System Memory Upgrades
  • Hard Drive Installation
  • Accelerate Gaming and Graphics

Small Business IT Services

Can't afford a full-time IT support staff member? You're not alone! We strive to be an extension of your staff without the associated overhead cost.

Network Support

Need assistance setting up a VPN or want to secure your network with a firewall? Let our certified staff take care of this for you!

Server Installation, Configuration, and Support

So you bought a shiny new server, now what? Setting up a server can be a confusing process & if done incorrectly will cause you a lot of frustration. We can provide the right configuration for your organization.

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Remote Computer Assistance & Online PC Computer Tech Support

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